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Additions Recovery Center, Medford, OR

“As the technology manager for Addictions Recovery Center, a nonprofit in Medford, Oregon, I needed a wireless solution that was secure, fast, and worked within our budget. I turned to Acme Computer to provide a solution that more than met our needs. I’ve worked with Acme and their support team for several years and I can recommend them with complete confidence!” 

John Mahoney, IT Administrator

The Challenge

Addictions Recovery Center is deploying Echo Documentation Solutions to meet federal reporting requirements for electronic medical records. Early tests showed that the over-extended interoffice Ethernet cables would not provide enough throughput to handle the increased network traffic and support ARC’s VoIP telephone system. Replacing the legacy wired network with optical fiber would have been costly, as the job required crossing city streets.

The Solution

Acme Computer designed a fixed, point-to-multipoint wireless network that significantly increased throughput between offices, left room for expansion to other buildings on campus, and saved ARC about 75% over fiber.

The Results

  • A tailor-made solution designed to grow with Addiction Recovery Center’s needs
  • A robust wireless network that meets ARC’s needs within a limited budget
  • Network security that is HIPAA compliant