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Network One

Why We're Different

At Network One, we extend our state-of-the art IT infrastructure to your location through a robust and ISP-neutral fiber network that spans California and Oregon. Connect all your offices or work from home knowing that your infrastructure is secure in one of our three data centers.

That means you will never buy another server, router, or switch. No more emergency expenditures for IT. It also means less down time and a more stable, more reliable network, so you can do what you do best.

Find out why some of the biggest businesses, non-profits, and government agencies in Southern Oregon and Northern California have thrown their IT hardware away and joined Network One.

How We Both Win

By providing all on-site network hardware, and moving all services to our data centers, Network One stabilizes and standardizes your network, making it more reliable and less expensive to operate.

By consolidating all client servers in data centers, Network One extends hyper-converged virtual server stacks that most clients could not otherwise afford. And, with multiple, redundant gigabit fiber connections to the internet, and the best in firewalls and routers, Network One offers your business enterprise-grade access at the office and when working remotely.


“We are very happy with Network One. We love the staff! They are so easy to work with and quick to respond to anything we need and ask. We appreciate the follow up and help. They are an excellent company and we highly recommend them!”

“We’ve been partnering with Network One for many years to address our IT needs–and they continue to raise the bar, providing superior tech support and an efficient customer service experience. Their team consistently addresses our inquiries in a prompt and thorough manner, no matter the question at hand. From solving simple email client issues to complex integrations and installations, Network One has always been there to help our business grow.”

“Network One has been a great support mechanism to KBBH’s day to day operations, and an integral component to our network infrastructure.”