Network One offers high-quality, scalable solutions for all your surveillance needs using an NVR (network video recorder) so you can access your cameras anywhere, anytime.

By working closely with the manufacturers of state-of-the-art video surveillance systems, Network One provides its clients with the best in IP cameras, servers, software, and cloud storage services. These well-engineered systems can:

  • Reduce vandalism
  • Expand effectiveness and efficiency of on-site management
  • Discourage illegal activities by establishing visible coverage of common areas
  • Allow off-site monitoring, anywhere, anytime

Our video surveillance systems are used in hospitals, schools, subsidized housing complexes, and private businesses throughout Oregon and California. We offer both cloud and premises-based video storage.

Network One serves Southern Oregon and Northern California with locations in Yreka, Medford, Sacramento, and Eugene. Get in touch with our sales team today for a quote!